About us

We are Lisette Folkertsma and Monique van Dijk. Originally an interior designer and photographer and from our love for beautiful design, we started a company together to make beautiful things with Makkum as a starting point.

As import Makkumers: Monique comes from Arnhem and Lisette from Workum, we see Makkum as a rough diamond: with its rich history, historic center and some imperfections here and there, it forms a beautiful characteristic village. We like to show this in timeless black and white images, applied to outdoor quality cushions, wall decoration and much more.

In addition, the historical prints of Koninklijke Tichelaar are also a source of inspiration. Applied to cushions and scarves, they become real statement pieces!

In addition to Makkum, we find many more places inspiring, where water is always the common denominator. Water sports resorts, seaside resorts and Wadden Islands: they appeal to our imagination. Never get bored. Show their beauty in every season.