The legend of Makkum

The vigilant sea lock keeper

According to legend, the sea lock keeper in Makkum was a very dedicated and conscientious man. He had the responsibility of guarding the sea lock and making sure the gates were opened and closed at the right time. He was known for his keen eye and his ability to spot dangerous situations in good time.

On a stormy night, when a violent storm ravaged the area, the sea lock keeper was faithful to his post. As the waves rose high and the wind howled, he noticed a small ship struggling to enter the harbour. The ship was tossed about by the raging waves and threatened to sink.

The courageous sea lock keeper did not hesitate for a moment. He threw a lifeline at the ship and helped the crew get ashore just in time before the ship was engulfed by the stormy sea. His heroic action saved lives and earned him the reputation of a true protector of the navigators who called at the port of Makkum.

Since then it is said that the ghost of the sea lock keeper still watches over the port of Makkum. On some foggy evenings, people claim to see his shadowy figure around the old sea lock. He is considered a protective spirit, watching over the safety of the ships and sailors entering the port.

This story illustrates the courage and dedication of the sea lock keeper and the appreciation the local community has for him. While the story may be based on the imagination and folklore of the region, it adds to Makkum's colorful history and unique atmosphere.